Hot Hotel Monkey Sex And Then Some

Okay, so the HHMS didn’t work out quite as planned. Oh, we definitely had it, and it was definitely hot and orgasmic. It was just there was no cum bath. No worries though, TW got a tummy full of hot semen.

We started out CG style with TW sliding her sexy body up mine until she easily slid my hard cock into her wet cunt. TW had brought some toys to play with (remind me to fill you in on the  ride to the hotel) and I took the opportunity to grab the flogger and give her ass a nice thrashing. Needless to say, the intensity of her orgasms ratched up quite nicely.

One of the other toys that TW brought along was a dildo. It’s about the size and thickness of my cock and fits quite nicely in her pussy. Of course, Leon, our BBC, also fits quite nicely but she must not have been too sure how well things would progress because he stayed home. Anyway, after fucking me CG style, TW moved into 69. As soon as my tongue hit her pussy lips, TW came and ground her cunt all over my face. I grabbed the flogger and flogged her sexy ass as she came on my lips and deep throated my cock.

After getting her ass nice and red, I reached out and found the dildo. As I licked her to one strong orgasm after another, I rammed that baby home. TW screamed out as she came on the fake cock, my tongue working her clit as I pounded her cunt with the dildo. She just about bit my dick off as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I kidded her on the ride home that the 3-way was awesome but the guys balls kept hitting my nose as he fucked her. She got a good laugh out of that one.

TW, overcome by her orgasms, rolled off me and onto her side. I quickly took up position behind her and thrust my cock into her juicy pussy. I fucked her hard and fast for a few minutes before quickly pulling out. I grabbed the base of my dick to delay my orgasm until she had time to reverse position and take me down her throat. I came and came and came, filling her mouth with my semen. TW swallowed it all, tugging on my cock and extracting every last drop of sperm from me. We collapsed on the bed, panting and gently kissing.

Although we never got around to using the handcuffs or the Aneros prostate massager, it was a great way to start our weekend. We never did get around to another session since TW’s period arrived the next day. Still, it was one of our more intense HHMS sessions. Can’t wait for the next road trip!