Sexy Weekend Fun

TW and I had a couple of nice sex sessions over the weekend. First one, on Saturday morning was quite acrobatic and H O T. Sunday night’s session consisted of me eating TW’s pussy to one strong orgasm after another.

TW let me sleep in Saturday morning since we’ve been on the road picking kids up from college all week. Her wakeup call is probably something EVERY guy dreams of. By the time she got to the bedroom, I was just waking from an awesome sex dream. I was already hard so TW decided to have some sausage for breakfast.

She immediately went down on me, sucking and licking my cock and balls. Within minutes, she was mounted up CG style and was riding me to wave after wave of orgasms. She was doing her best to stay quiet since the kids are now home for the summer. I was pinching and suckling on her nipples, which drove her to hump me like crazy.

We switched over to Spoon style and I fucked my honey hard and fast. I spent some quality time pulling her head back via her hair and TW spent some quality time cumming on my dick.

EDIT: This morning (Tuesday, 5/17) TW gently reminded me that I’m losing what little mind I have left. She asked me how I could forget that she got on all fours and we fucked Doggy Style right before I came on her. Then it hit me, I AM LOSING MY FUCKING MIND! How COULD I forget that? I mean, there we were, fucking doggy style, my left hand resting on her hip while my right hand was pulling her head back and forcing her to look at herself in the mirror. THAT’S when she started to moan, “No, no, no, no, no

Unfortunately, her soft moans of  “No, no, no, no, no” drove me over the edge and TW had to quickly rearrange herself so I could dump a big load of hot cum all over her tits. As I spurted on her, TW was frigging her clit and moaning out her orgasms. It was a very hot start to the day!

Last night, after a day of noise and activity (I did mention the kids were home right?) TW and I headed off to bed. Since our spring sport season is now over, I shaved my face. Normally I keep a beard, goatee or a Fu Manchu on my face during the season. After the season ends, I shave my face for the summer. TW noticed right away and mentioned she was going to put my bare face to good use at bedtime by sitting on it. I told her I couldn’t wait to feel her bald pussy on my bald face.

TW climbed on the bed and I immediately went to work. TW came on my tongue and lips numerous times before we headed off to slumber. It was a great way to end the weekend.

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  1. As long as only the mind that is going. It’d be terrible if other body parts were to go 🙂

    • Tell me about it. That’s going sometimes too, but it’s more of a mental thing rather than a physical limitation.

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