Further More I Hope My Meaning Won’t Be Lost Or Misconstrued…

Okay, something got lost in translation on my last post. Make no mistake, I KNOW  I’m the luckiest Mother Fucker on the face of the planet. I’m VERY GRATEFUL  for what TW and I have and do to each other.

No, I was pissing and moaning about the lack of opportunities to further our life experiences. Life is all about learning new things. How can we learn if we’re not given the opportunity?

MCB: We saw the doctor earlier this week. After looking at the MRI, he believes he can do the procedure on TW. So, there is at least hope on that end. Now all we have to do is wait until the insurance approves it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, we’ll probably be dead before they do that. Fuckers.

One thought on “Further More I Hope My Meaning Won’t Be Lost Or Misconstrued…

  1. Insurance is a titanic PIA. Sometimes we just pay for thighs ourselves. We’d rather be poor and healthy than miserable but not living hand to mouth. We’ll have to work until we’re ready to drop dead; but we’ll worry about our “golden years” when we get there.

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