Well Blow Me Down!

Sorry for channeling Popeye there, but I did get the most exquisite blow job last night from TW.

Her period arrived Monday, so we’ve been down sexually as far as intercourse or pussy eating is concerned. Last night, TW decided to treat me to one hell of a blow job. It was quite intense and fun. Took us back to the days of the ’79 Nova. We used to orally pleasure one another in the front seat (Oh, how I DO MISS bench seats) Anyway, TW took her time and really made me curl my toes.

It started out with soft kisses which sent tingles all the way down to my toes. As my cock expanded, TW went to work and alternately licked my cock and balls. After getting me hard, she really went to town and was deep throating me. She’d back off and tease me some more before swallowing me again. I was slowly building up to orgasm, as she pleasured my dick. Toward the end, I grabbed two fistfuls of hair, making TW moan around my cock, and fucked her face until I blew my load down her throat. I had a double orgasm as I pumped my shaft in and out of her hot mouth. Like the cum loving slut she is, TW swallowed my entire double load.

Afterwards, as we cuddled, TW confessed to me that as I face fucked her, she was imagining I was face fucking TT from work. On Monday, TT came to the office dressed like a tart, a delicious, sexy tart, with 3/4 of her breasts on display via a push up bra and a deep plunging neckline. Her skirt was half-way up her thighs and she wasn’t wearing hose of any kind. Made me wonder if she was wearing panties. To say she was H O T is an understatement. Anyway, TW told me she was fantasizing about watching me face fuck TT in the hallway at work. She said it made her hot. Well, her telling me that made me hot as well. 😉

We soon both fell asleep and drifted off to dreamland.

It’s funny. I was going to face fuck TW this week. We need to do more stuff sexually during her period so we don’t lose any momentum we’ve built up just prior to her period arriving. Face fucking will fit the bill nicely. Some photos of cum covered clothes would be nice as well. We’ll work on it.


UPDATE: God damn right!

Almost 80 percent of Americans are totally cool with women going topless at the beach. I think it’s time for a national referendum


You’ve Been A Naughty Girl

TW and I got in an AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! session yesterday afternoon. Both kids had left the house, I was off work due to power issues and both TW and I needed to get some sexin’ in. Boy, oh boy, did we ever get some sexin’ in.

As soon as our clothes hit the floor and our bodies hit the bed, TW and I were all over one another. A little kissing, some nipple sucking and a bit of finger play on TW’s pussy, got me hard and ready to go. When TW got down and started to titty fuck me, I was rock hard.

She soon mounted up and we were off. As TW fucked me CG style, we both had the same thought at the same time. TW told me that she had been a bad girl and needed to be spanked. I wholeheartedly agreed and reached into the headboard for a flogger. The first one I grabbed was too soft. TW was disappointed so I went back into the headboard and retrieved a paddle. Oh, that one was too hard! Not that TW complained all that much. She was too busy orgasming to really complain about it.

They say, “Third time’s a charm.” Well, it certainly was for us as I went to the well one more time and came out with our favorite toy, the flogger. I felt TW’s cunt get hotter when she saw it. I proceeded to flog her into orgasmic bliss. She then dismounted me and I thought we were going to 69, but she never mounted my face. Instead, she asked that I spank her. I used the flogger and the paddle and spanked my honey good.

When she was ready, she mounted my face and took my throbbing cock in to her mouth. As we 69’d, I once again used the paddle and the flogger and made her ass nice and cherry red. Her orgasms were strong and vocal. Well, of course they were muffled by my dick down her throat as she deep throated me, but her hips were swaying and her pussy grinding against my face so I knew we were all good.

I continued my spanking as TW dove deeper and deeper on my cock and as my tongue flicked her clit. Her orgasms grew more intense, and, when I stuck my thumb in her pussy, she exploded. Her hips were rocking a mile a minute as my thumb found her G-Spot. I pressed down with the top of my thumb and TW was babbling incoherently. Exhausted, she fell on her side, my cock making a popping sound as her lips finally let me go.

She quickly got into Spoon position and I easily slid into her sopping pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, grabbing a handful of hair and roughly pulling her head back. She screamed out her orgasms as I forcefully buried my dick in her cunt. We fucked ourselves silly until both of us just slowed up and stopped. TW wanted me to shoot my load on her, but, by the time we were finished fucking, I was too tired to do that. Maybe next time.

What a great use of our alone time. We won’t see much of that anymore now that YS is home for good. Still, I’m sure we’ll find time to fuck like animals. We can always go away for a weekend and have HHMS. Right?

It’s What’s For Dinner

Got some of the other, other white meat last night. TW turned to me and basically screamed out,


without ever saying a word. I dove right in and lapped TW to several head crushing orgasms. Then, we were off to dreamland. A guy could get used to this. 😉

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve opened another blog for the photos and comics. Rather than doing double the work, I figured I’d combine the two.  The blog will run the gamut from photos to toons to stories. So, if it interests you, feel free to drop by here:
Mr MD’s Odds N Ends

Feel free to comment or make suggestions (other than closing it, 😉 ) I’m open to ideas.

I can’t wait to get home tonight and between my honey’s thighs.

Have a good day! 😀

Happy Belated Father’s Day

A very Happy Father’s Day, albeit belated, to all you mother fuckers out there! Yeah, you know who you are, spreading your seed around and making your wives and girlfriends pregnant, therefore, making them mothers.

See how I did that?

Pretty damn witty, huh?

I had a good Father’s Day. All the kids eventually made it over to say H-F-D. YS and CG are home and OS and his fiancĂ©e, along with  her tremendous rack, which, I must report, (because, after all, it IS a sex blog,) was  very nicely displayed, came by in the afternoon. I got some nice things, along with the prerequisite underwear and slacks, so, it was all good. Didn’t have to cook either. N I C E!

TW and I had a couple of AWESOME sex sessions over the weekend as well, which just made the weekend complete. TW has got into the habit of providing me pussy every night. I’m not complaining, in fact, I told her if she ever wakes up in the middle of the night, and can’t fall back asleep, she’s to mount my face and have me lick her to back to sleep. Yeah, I’m just that kind of guy, sacrificing my sleep so my honey can come and come and come and then fall asleep. Lucky me.

One of the sessions morphed into a 69 session with plenty of FF involved as well. In fact, it ended with both of us coming. TW swallowed another large load of my cum and I made her lock her legs around my head and squeeze me until she almost passed out. It was a very intense and erotic session. I CAN NOT get enough of her sloppy, tasty cunt. I’m looking forward to more tonight.

It’s Just A Fantasy, It’s Not The Real Thing….

This photo represents one of my favorite, most longed after, fantasies….

Most of the time I imagine it’s TW and one of her sisters, or, perhaps, her best friend (you know, the one that TW sits topless with when they get together). Of course, I’m the guy but sometimes, it’s TW’s best friend’s husband who gets the girl sandwich.  Other times, it’s me and the ladies from work, in all sorts of combinations. Naturally, the ladies would switch positions every now and then, just to keep things interesting and fair. Whatever way the fantasy goes, it always ends like this…