Happy Belated Father’s Day

A very Happy Father’s Day, albeit belated, to all you mother fuckers out there! Yeah, you know who you are, spreading your seed around and making your wives and girlfriends pregnant, therefore, making them mothers.

See how I did that?

Pretty damn witty, huh?

I had a good Father’s Day. All the kids eventually made it over to say H-F-D. YS and CG are home and OS and his fiancée, along with  her tremendous rack, which, I must report, (because, after all, it IS a sex blog,) was  very nicely displayed, came by in the afternoon. I got some nice things, along with the prerequisite underwear and slacks, so, it was all good. Didn’t have to cook either. N I C E!

TW and I had a couple of AWESOME sex sessions over the weekend as well, which just made the weekend complete. TW has got into the habit of providing me pussy every night. I’m not complaining, in fact, I told her if she ever wakes up in the middle of the night, and can’t fall back asleep, she’s to mount my face and have me lick her to back to sleep. Yeah, I’m just that kind of guy, sacrificing my sleep so my honey can come and come and come and then fall asleep. Lucky me.

One of the sessions morphed into a 69 session with plenty of FF involved as well. In fact, it ended with both of us coming. TW swallowed another large load of my cum and I made her lock her legs around my head and squeeze me until she almost passed out. It was a very intense and erotic session. I CAN NOT get enough of her sloppy, tasty cunt. I’m looking forward to more tonight.

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