Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

TW and I hope you all have a great weekend.

It should be relaxing around the MD household with only 1 kid in the house. YS is heading out of town for the weekend with a bunch of friends. CG will be the only one home with us, but she has a pretty full weekend of hanging out with friends. Only a couple more weeks and she’ll be back at school.

I’m gonna spend the weekend wondering why no one flashed me their delicious titties (other than TW) for being a kick ass System Admin today. It’s National System Administrator Appreciation Day. Appreciate your computer dude for heaven’s sake. Make sure you know how much he means to you by flashing your titties in his direction. Of course, if you have a female sys admin, flash them anyway. Guys can flash their dicks if they’d like.

I’m going to think of ways of getting TW fucked by as many guys and gals as I can, just in case it ever happens (it won’t, damn it!) Of course, if I tie her up somewhere in the woods, and she’s discovered by a gang of horny biker guys and gals, or perhaps some horny cops, well, it may come true after all. Guess I’ll have to spank her for being such a bad girl in my fantasies.

That’ll work.

Have a great weekend everyone!

And The Clock Keeps Tickin’ Tickin’ Tickin’ Away

Okay, now I know for sure I’m getting old. For the third time in two weeks, I’ve almost left the men’s room with my fly undone. Now, although that sounds sexy, we ALL KNOW it’s not. None of the ladies want to see Mr. Wrinkly, although I have kiddingly offered to let him make an appearance.

Anyway, I think it’s just another sign that my brain is malfunctioning in it’s old age. Why, I bet in a few more years, I’ll come to work with no pants on!

Now, won’t THAT be interesting!

Mmm, And It’s So Tasty Too!

After spending the day teasing one another via text messages, TW and I got down to some serious oral when I got home. She followed me up the stairs to the bedroom, where I changed into nothing.

When I came out of the bathroom, TW was on the bed.

“Why are your shorts still on?”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to…”


TW quickly stripped off her shorts and I practically dove between her legs.

“Ah HEAVEN!” were the last words I spoke for the next 15 minutes. I ate TW like a man possessed. I licked and lapped her cunt while working her nipples with my finger tips. TW was in a constant state of arousal and had quite a few strong orgasms.

We then moved into 69 where she just about bit my dick off as we pleasured one another. It probably had something to do with the thumb I had inserted into the pussy, pressing down on her G-spot, while my tongue danced around her clit. In fact, I’m positive that was it. Her orgasms were spectacularly strong. In fact, had my dick not been wedged in her mouth, she probably would have been screaming in tongues.

Yes, it was quite the oral session.

Thankfully, my cock is still intact.

I should probably check it for teeth marks. 😉

At least there wasn’t any blood.

Hot Sex And A Newly Acquired Skill Set

We had another wonderful session last night. After retiring to bed, TW and I were playing around with one another. It started out with a massage for TW and exploded into a hot sex session.

After massaging my honey, we started to kiss and fondle each other. I had latched onto a nipple and let my fingers wander down to TW’s pussy. After playing with her outer lips for a while, I dipped a finger into her cunt and we were off.  Playing with TW’s pussy never fails to get her motor running. It takes her back to our dating days when that’s all I used to do. Well, that and the titty sucking.

As I suckled her breast and fingered her pussy, TW was squirming around and crushing my hand between her thighs. I pushed another finger into her cunt and TW came with a moan. I moved up to kiss her mouth and she aggressively kissed me back. I then focused in on her clit and TW exploded in orgasm. Her whole body went rigid as she bucked her hips against my hand. I moved down and began to nip and bite at her nipples, sending TW into a whole new world of pleasure.

After numerous strong orgasms, TW finally had to push my probing fingers away. She quickly turned her back to me and I easily entered her sloppy cunt from behind. We fucked Spoon style, my own orgasm building as I pummeled her pussy from behind.

When I felt myself ready to blow, I quickly removed my dick from her sucking cunt. TW quickly went down on me and was rewarded with a ball draining series of cum spurts. I had quite the load, even though I had come on Sunday. Guess the workouts are raising my testosterone levels. She swallowed all the cum I had to offer. At one point, I reached down to squeeze my balls but they had retreated into my body. All I felt was the empty sack. She really did drain my balls. 😉

After making sure all the cum was out of my shaft, TW and I headed off to dreamland. I think we both slept pretty well last night. 😀

Prior to the night’s festivities, I was working on repairing an electric chain saw we borrowed from TW’s aunt. After trying to tighten the slack on the chain, oiling it up, re-tightening the chain again and again and again and again, taking the thing apart, putting the chain on backwards, taking it apart again and finally getting it all back together correctly, we now have a working, kick ass chain saw. I’m ordering my lumberjack shirts as soon as I finish this post. 😛

WOW! What An Anniversary Weekend!

Hot damn did TW and I celebrate our anniversary right!

On Saturday, TW and I were left home alone. Instead of setting traps for burglars and eating frozen dinners, we had sex. Hot, wild, steamy SEX! It was toe curling to say the least.

TW’s period was still hanging around so we didn’t do any oral but otherwise, HOLY FUCK! TW actually passed out at one point! We did mostly CG style, with TW fucking herself silly on my dick. There was a whole lot of tit sucking, ass spanking, ass flogging, titty twisting, titty flogging, cock sucking, titty fucking fun to be had. TW’s orgasms were so powerful, that at one point, she collapsed forward on my chest and was out for a brief moment. What a wild ride she had.

As for me, well, I had no need to cum, so my cock stayed rock hard throughout the 45 minute session. TW took great pleasure in alternating between fucking me, sucking me and titty fucking me. It was one of our better sessions this year.

We had another session Saturday night, again featuring mostly CG style. This time however, my cock wouldn’t stay hard (DAMN YOU OLD AGE!) However, it was still a very good session as it lead to my fucking TW’s face. In fact, I was doing such a good job jamming my dick down her throat, she asked me if I was trying to bring dinner up. HA! No baby, just treating  you like the SAS you are!

After fucking her mouth some more, I grabbed her hair and stroked myself off on her face and titties. TW was mewling as I covered her face and tits with my cum. I saw her fingers working her clit fast and furious as she thanked me again and again for the load I was providing her. I just about pulled my dick off as I stroked my cock, emptying my balls on her. I squeezed out the last few drops of cum on her tongue before cleaning her up and heading off to dreamland.

Yesterday was spend recovering from Saturday’s sessions. TW was in a bit of pain but had this huge smile on her face. We finished up the weekend with me eating her to several strong orgasms last night. Her period had finally finished and she was good to go for oral ministrations. I eagerly dove between her legs and made her cum.

Overall, a great way to celebrate our love for one another!