We Made Our Own Fireworks This Weekend

No, not the gunpowder kind that fly into the air. No, we’re talking about the kind that makes TW’s pussy cream all over my cock and my sperm cover her titties. Yes, we had an explosive Fourth Of July in the MD household this weekend.

Things started off  Saturday morning with a pussy eating, cunt fucking, 69 deep throating extravaganza! It was a good thing too since we were having YS’s grad party that day. TW was nice and relaxed all day and the party was fun and easy to deal with. We only had about 20-25 people. The usual suspects. X and Z were showing some nice cleavage. Z had on a sexy, without being overtly sexy, sun dress on. It showed off her titties quite nicely. X had on a couple of layers but her deep cleavage was on display whenever she bent over. Again sexy without being slutty. Not that I’m against slutty mind you. Y, well, while her shirt was sleeveless, it did go up to her neck and there was no side boob to be seen. I quietly enjoyed my views. OS’s girlfriend was also there. She has a mighty fine set of titties as well, and, she LOVES to display them. Hell yeah I look!

Sunday was spent recovering from the party. Yesterday, more of the same until night time. CG went out in the afternoon to a friend’s house. YS was still at home but left around 8 to go to a friend’s house. TW and I looked at each other and just smiled.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” She asked.

FUCK YES!” I exclaimed.

We decided to stay in the basement and fuck there. Less stress on TW’s back and less of a chance of us falling asleep in bed. 😉

As TW and I quickly undressed, we kissed passionately. She then turned her back to me and bent over the couch.  I picked up the hint fairly quickly and began to spank my honey’s fine ass. I looked around for something a little less jarring than my hands and spotted a fly swatter.

TW quickly protested that it had “bug guts” on it, but I paid no heed and began to spank her ass with it. It definitely hurt as TW screamed out. I decided to switch spanking tools, put the fly swatter down and went and got a ping pong paddle. TW moaned out as I began to paddle her ass.

The couch became a bit uncomfortable for TW so we moved over to the air hockey table. Once again she bent over and I paddled her ass while I slipped my cock into her hot, sloppy pussy. I was leaving paddle and hand prints all over my baby’s ass and her orgasms were coming fast and furious. She was screaming out her orgasms and moaning about being in a bar and taking on all comers.

After fucking for a few minutes, TW wanted me to sit on a folding chair so she could mount me CG style. Oh the fucking incredible ride she had. I scooted down to the edge of the chair and TW mounted up and came and came and came. I was able to slap her ass and drive the intensity of her orgasms up two or three notches. She was wailing and speaking in tongues and when I latched on to a nipple, her pussy gushed all over my cock.

To relieve any more stress on her back, we went back to the couch where I fucked her missionary style until I was ready to cum. As I stroked my cock, TW was furiously working her pussy with her hands. She was moaning and coming as I got closer to orgasm myself.

When the first spurts of cum landed on her tits, TW wailed. She had one of the more intense orgasms I’ve seen since her back problems started. It was really quite spectacular and I wish I had video rolling on it. I blew a second load on her as I watched her cum. TW didn’t want me to clean her up right away, so I let her play with herself as my cum covered her tits. She had a couple more orgasms before she let me towel her off.

It was a grand finish to the weekend.

3 thoughts on “We Made Our Own Fireworks This Weekend

  1. How wonderfully independent you guys are! Your own way to play the 1812 overture and make fireworks.

  2. The infamous July 4th “One Gun Salute”…..

    The grandest of all holiday jesters.

    Here’s hoping that the next patriotic holiday may involve a “Two Gun” salute.

    glad to hear it was a great holiday

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