Over 6 Years Of Crappy Posts!

We’ve been so busy with life lately, we missed our 6th Blogiversary in late June. Who knew? Six years of crappy, whiny, boring posts! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmn! And to think, we still have readers. Incredible!

Of course, it appears we’ve become quite boring. We have a total of two followers on Twitter. Sad. Either we ARE that boring, or most of our readers don’t have a Twitter account. I’m thinking it’s the former. Even our old standby, Alfro, hasn’t been leaving comments lately. See, told you we were getting lame! I’m only using the Twitter account for quick hit updates. Of course, I’ve connected the blog to the account so every time I blog here, it’ll get Tweeted, Twittered, Tweetered, whatever.

TW’s period came early, like 4 days early.

W T F?!?!?

This coming weekend, we’ll be celebrating 28 years of wedded bliss! And to think, no one gave us a chance of sticking together. HA! We fooled them didn’t we? Although, TW’s period coming early does give us a very good shot at some anniversary sex!


TW talked with the radiologist and he told her the pain and numbness she is experiencing is to be expected so we’re good to go with resuming our sexual frenzy. Who know? Maybe they’ll be some HMS to be had. I know someone who’s looking forward to a good spanking.

Started working out again this week. Feels good. Actually got two in a row! Naturally, I’m taking it slow. I’m not doing it to get healthy, I just don’t want the pallbearers to get hernias when they carry my casket. Although, I am leaning toward cremation. I want to be shot out of a canon by a trained circus monkey, or stuffed or maybe buried naked. Can’t really decide. TW will know what to do. She’ll go with what feels right.

UPDATE: Shit, I forgot to mention, I closed the other photo post blog. No one was really going to it and only six people replied to a poll on what they wanted to see, so, I figured, fuck it. Sorry for those of you who might have been regulars.

But, on the plus side, since I appear to be MEGA-manic lately, I could start it up again tomorrow. Hell, it might even be today. Crazy ass shit, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Over 6 Years Of Crappy Posts!

  1. First congratulations on 28 years! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Mot many achieve such a milestone.

    Second, I don’t you should be concerned about having a few less visitors. Summer can be a busy time for many people. I know I’ve been busy doing the homeowner thing (appliance repairs) this past week and haven’t been online much.

    Good luck with working out. Is it hot there like it is here?

  2. Hey there,
    We are hitting 29 years this weekend. And the sex is getting better.
    Nude resorts and beaches, shaving, lots of toys…
    Keep up the fun, I enjoyed the photo blog and always try to check it occasionally. We seem to have many tastes in common.
    Congratulations on your 28th. It just keeps getting better.

  3. Whaaat,
    Man, that was some Smack Down….. LOL

    I’ve been a little busier, and keep feeling like a stalker if I comment EVERY time. But, I do visit everyday…. so remember that.

    28 years….good lord, Congrats on that. Makes me feel like a novice at this marriage thing.

    I enjoy your blog, so keep up the good work.
    Have a great one.

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