WOW! What An Anniversary Weekend!

Hot damn did TW and I celebrate our anniversary right!

On Saturday, TW and I were left home alone. Instead of setting traps for burglars and eating frozen dinners, we had sex. Hot, wild, steamy SEX! It was toe curling to say the least.

TW’s period was still hanging around so we didn’t do any oral but otherwise, HOLY FUCK! TW actually passed out at one point! We did mostly CG style, with TW fucking herself silly on my dick. There was a whole lot of tit sucking, ass spanking, ass flogging, titty twisting, titty flogging, cock sucking, titty fucking fun to be had. TW’s orgasms were so powerful, that at one point, she collapsed forward on my chest and was out for a brief moment. What a wild ride she had.

As for me, well, I had no need to cum, so my cock stayed rock hard throughout the 45 minute session. TW took great pleasure in alternating between fucking me, sucking me and titty fucking me. It was one of our better sessions this year.

We had another session Saturday night, again featuring mostly CG style. This time however, my cock wouldn’t stay hard (DAMN YOU OLD AGE!) However, it was still a very good session as it lead to my fucking TW’s face. In fact, I was doing such a good job jamming my dick down her throat, she asked me if I was trying to bring dinner up. HA! No baby, just treating  you like the SAS you are!

After fucking her mouth some more, I grabbed her hair and stroked myself off on her face and titties. TW was mewling as I covered her face and tits with my cum. I saw her fingers working her clit fast and furious as she thanked me again and again for the load I was providing her. I just about pulled my dick off as I stroked my cock, emptying my balls on her. I squeezed out the last few drops of cum on her tongue before cleaning her up and heading off to dreamland.

Yesterday was spend recovering from Saturday’s sessions. TW was in a bit of pain but had this huge smile on her face. We finished up the weekend with me eating her to several strong orgasms last night. Her period had finally finished and she was good to go for oral ministrations. I eagerly dove between her legs and made her cum.

Overall, a great way to celebrate our love for one another!

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