Hot Sex And A Newly Acquired Skill Set

We had another wonderful session last night. After retiring to bed, TW and I were playing around with one another. It started out with a massage for TW and exploded into a hot sex session.

After massaging my honey, we started to kiss and fondle each other. I had latched onto a nipple and let my fingers wander down to TW’s pussy. After playing with her outer lips for a while, I dipped a finger into her cunt and we were off.  Playing with TW’s pussy never fails to get her motor running. It takes her back to our dating days when that’s all I used to do. Well, that and the titty sucking.

As I suckled her breast and fingered her pussy, TW was squirming around and crushing my hand between her thighs. I pushed another finger into her cunt and TW came with a moan. I moved up to kiss her mouth and she aggressively kissed me back. I then focused in on her clit and TW exploded in orgasm. Her whole body went rigid as she bucked her hips against my hand. I moved down and began to nip and bite at her nipples, sending TW into a whole new world of pleasure.

After numerous strong orgasms, TW finally had to push my probing fingers away. She quickly turned her back to me and I easily entered her sloppy cunt from behind. We fucked Spoon style, my own orgasm building as I pummeled her pussy from behind.

When I felt myself ready to blow, I quickly removed my dick from her sucking cunt. TW quickly went down on me and was rewarded with a ball draining series of cum spurts. I had quite the load, even though I had come on Sunday. Guess the workouts are raising my testosterone levels. She swallowed all the cum I had to offer. At one point, I reached down to squeeze my balls but they had retreated into my body. All I felt was the empty sack. She really did drain my balls. 😉

After making sure all the cum was out of my shaft, TW and I headed off to dreamland. I think we both slept pretty well last night. 😀

Prior to the night’s festivities, I was working on repairing an electric chain saw we borrowed from TW’s aunt. After trying to tighten the slack on the chain, oiling it up, re-tightening the chain again and again and again and again, taking the thing apart, putting the chain on backwards, taking it apart again and finally getting it all back together correctly, we now have a working, kick ass chain saw. I’m ordering my lumberjack shirts as soon as I finish this post. 😛

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