Mmm, And It’s So Tasty Too!

After spending the day teasing one another via text messages, TW and I got down to some serious oral when I got home. She followed me up the stairs to the bedroom, where I changed into nothing.

When I came out of the bathroom, TW was on the bed.

“Why are your shorts still on?”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to…”


TW quickly stripped off her shorts and I practically dove between her legs.

“Ah HEAVEN!” were the last words I spoke for the next 15 minutes. I ate TW like a man possessed. I licked and lapped her cunt while working her nipples with my finger tips. TW was in a constant state of arousal and had quite a few strong orgasms.

We then moved into 69 where she just about bit my dick off as we pleasured one another. It probably had something to do with the thumb I had inserted into the pussy, pressing down on her G-spot, while my tongue danced around her clit. In fact, I’m positive that was it. Her orgasms were spectacularly strong. In fact, had my dick not been wedged in her mouth, she probably would have been screaming in tongues.

Yes, it was quite the oral session.

Thankfully, my cock is still intact.

I should probably check it for teeth marks. 😉

At least there wasn’t any blood.

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