And The Clock Keeps Tickin’ Tickin’ Tickin’ Away

Okay, now I know for sure I’m getting old. For the third time in two weeks, I’ve almost left the men’s room with my fly undone. Now, although that sounds sexy, we ALL KNOW it’s not. None of the ladies want to see Mr. Wrinkly, although I have kiddingly offered to let him make an appearance.

Anyway, I think it’s just another sign that my brain is malfunctioning in it’s old age. Why, I bet in a few more years, I’ll come to work with no pants on!

Now, won’t THAT be interesting!

3 thoughts on “And The Clock Keeps Tickin’ Tickin’ Tickin’ Away

  1. That happens to all of us. As you said, when you leave home without pants on entirely, that’s when you know that you are getting old. Or you could just be Lilo or Brit or Paris or …

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