Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

TW and I hope you all have a great weekend.

It should be relaxing around the MD household with only 1 kid in the house. YS is heading out of town for the weekend with a bunch of friends. CG will be the only one home with us, but she has a pretty full weekend of hanging out with friends. Only a couple more weeks and she’ll be back at school.

I’m gonna spend the weekend wondering why no one flashed me their delicious titties (other than TW) for being a kick ass System Admin today. It’s National System Administrator Appreciation Day. Appreciate your computer dude for heaven’s sake. Make sure you know how much he means to you by flashing your titties in his direction. Of course, if you have a female sys admin, flash them anyway. Guys can flash their dicks if they’d like.

I’m going to think of ways of getting TW fucked by as many guys and gals as I can, just in case it ever happens (it won’t, damn it!) Of course, if I tie her up somewhere in the woods, and she’s discovered by a gang of horny biker guys and gals, or perhaps some horny cops, well, it may come true after all. Guess I’ll have to spank her for being such a bad girl in my fantasies.

That’ll work.

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

  1. After the week that we’ve had, we’re definitely going to enjoy the weekend. And, this heat wave that we have been having is great pool weather. You guys enjoy your weekend too.

  2. I am getting Emma fucked by many, many guys recently – thanks to Photoshop. Nip over to my place and have a look. Given encouragement, I might publish more of the same.

  3. Systems Admin. ?
    Oh, Shit.
    Now I’m gonna have to limit my comments. I can’t afford it……
    Every time I send an email to my Systems IT guy, it costs me $125.
    Damn, I love ya Dude, but I don’t think I can afford you anymore.
    Enjoy your weekend. Make sure to give TW’s ass a good smack from me.
    I’m sure your a great S/A, but don’t expect me to be flashing you my dick. But, If TW is interested……???

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