Damn, What A Weekend!

TW and I had an awesome weekend. There was sex, good food, more sex and just time to hang around. It was fucking HOT though, as in temperature wise. UGH, makes us wish we had a pool.

The kids left us to our own devices on Saturday afternoon. We spend what little time we had engaged in an awesome Spoon, CG, 69 and Spanking session. I had invited an old friend and co-worker to come and fuck TW, but he never got back to me. He probably thought I was kidding. I told TW about it and she wasn’t phased at all. In fact, right when we started, she asked where he was. I totally LOVE THIS WOMAN!

Anyway, we had a great time. TW had some awesome, strong orgasms and I got to give her the Aunt Jemima  treatment. I flogged her and then, because she was complaining the flog wasn’t hard enough, I had her get the wooden spatula out. Well, that was exactly what she was looking for! She told me that it wasn’t turning her on, but I told her I could tell it was getting her hot because her pussy went up about 20 degrees in temperature and she got very wet. She just sighed and enjoyed the ride on my dick and the spatula on her ass.

She had some very strong orgasms, especially when we 69’d. She soaked my face with her juices and I lapped it all up. She finally had to roll off me due to leg cramps. We then morphed into Spoon style and we finished the session with me fucking her silly from behind.

Yesterday was spent recuperating and was quite a lazy day.

We may get some more alone time this week, depending on whether the kids go away with their friends. If so, you can be sure TW’s gonna get another HOT spanking. I told her I’d try to arrange a group spanking for her. Maybe I’d drive through a rest area or a truck stop, with her ass out the window and the drivers could spank her as I drove past them again and again.   I also told her I might even tie her to a chair and fuck her face until I come all over her. She seemed pretty psyched for that to happen. Yup, I REALLY LOVE THIS WOMAN.

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