Okay, Now I Think We’re BOTH Broken…

Man did we ever have an animalistic HMS  fuck session Saturday morning. TW was fucked and fucked and fucked again. I pulled her hair, twisted her nipples, pounded her pussy and made her silently scream out her orgasms. At the end, she was thoroughly fucked out. She was openly weeping and her pussy was red and awash in her juices. THANK YOU MORNING HARDON! I was never close to coming, so, as TW rode me CG, got fucked from behind Spoon style, got fucked lieing on her back, legs spread wide, as I completely satiated her body, my dick stayed hard as a rock. The only thing we didn’t do was pussy eating. I offered at the end, but TW thought it might actually handicap her so we saved it for this morning.

HEY! I’m NOT turning down breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning! 😉

Today, we’re both moving like 90 year olds, but we have the biggest fucking smiles on our faces. 😀

We’ll take it!

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