Are You Trying To Shut Me Up?

Last night, TW and her youngest sister Z went out to a ball game. TW had won tickets, which included food and drink, and didn’t want to waste them so she invited Z to go with her. It was to a minor league baseball game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to go out to bars, pick up guys, fuck them in the car, take photos and then leave to go to another bar and repeat the process. Can’t win them all I guess. TW got back very late but I stayed up and waited for her.

After heading off to bed, we talked about our nights. I play in a men’s indoor league Wednesday nights and last night was the first time I was back in probably six months. Fucking up your back will do that. Anyway, it seemed that TW was having a tough time shutting down for the night so, I did what any good husband would do, I dove between her legs and brought her to several strong orgasms.

“Are you trying to shut me up?” She joked.

“Mmmpph, mmmphhhh, mmmmm” was all I could get out since I had a mouth full of pussy.

TW came quite nicely on my face and soon was drifting off to La La Land. I soon followed.

Great news: TW and I will be left alone this weekend as YS is heading off to see friends. WOO HOO! All that screaming and yelling will be TW and I fucking our brains out over the next few days. They’ll be spanking and fucking and sucking and licking and flogging and bondage and more spanking and more fucking and licking and sucking and more bondage and maybe a car ride or two to show off TW’s titties to truckers. Oh, and lets not forget the screaming and yelling and crying and hair pulling and butt slapping and the toy use and the orgasms, oh the ORGASMS! my honey will have. I might have one too. 😉

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