HOT DAMN! That Was Some Crazy Ass Fun!


Now that TW and I are slowly coming down from our orgasmic bliss, we can finally update you on what happened over the weekend.

First off, no photos, sorry. We just didn’t have the time, nor the desire to photograph our play. Speaking of our play….


did we ever have a great time! Didn’t quite get to everything we had planned, but the stuff we did do….


It was great being able to hang out naked all weekend long. No worries about the kids or family dropping by, being able to grab a quickie any time we wanted, having TW’s pussy available whenever I wanted it, her being able to suck my dick whenever she wanted. Yeah, it was fucking great!

The weekend went pretty  much as planned. We didn’t get in any bondage, nor did we get to go out flashing. TW was hesitant to go out in a sheer blouse and short skirt with no panties. I guess I’m not as good a master as I thought. My pet likes to disobey and can be quite obstinate when it comes to her comfort zone. Sigh, I NEVER was good at being the bad guy.  Of course, when my pet does disobey, she gets a spanking. 😉  I’m pretty sure she disobeys just so she get a spanking. And, yes, TW got quite the thrashing this weekend.

So, let’s see if I can remember things in the order they happened. I’m a little fuzzy on the order since TW got me to blow my load AND I’m getting old. 🙂

I do know it started off innocent enough with us being naked after I got home from work on Friday. I know we had a nice couch makeout session which featured me licking her pussy to one orgasm after another. She really creamed when I got two fingers in her cunt and stroked her G-spot. My hand was covered in her juices and she had her ass off the couch quite a lot as she came.

After resting a bit, TW got on the coffee table, pussy facing my way, and began to masturbate. I watched, stroking my cock, before diving down and eating her out again. Her orgasms were strong and when I mounted her Missionary style, she went wild. I was licking and suckling on her nipples as she ground her cunt on my cock.

Her back started to bother her so we stood up and I took her from behind. TW did a jack knife, feet on the floor, hands on the coffee table and I took her hard and fast from behind. She was bouncing up and down as her orgasms overtook her. It was quite erotic, I’m surprised I didn’t come in her slick, hot pussy.

Saturday turned out busier than we expected. We actually were out of the house more often than in it. Saturday was the day my pet rebelled against my dressing order. I need to work with her more often on expanding her boundaries. I’ll get her into an adult bookstore yet. I was going to have her dress in a sheer blouse, no bra, short skirt, no panties. We weren’t going to go into any place, just use the drive up. Unfortunately, she thought I was kidding. No honey, I was not.

Also on Saturday, OS stopped by with his fiancee. We trained him right as he called before heading over. “THAT WHICH HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN,” as I like to say. They stayed longer than we thought they would and as soon as they left, we got naked once again.

The best session of the weekend occurred on Sunday. We both slept in Sunday, letting our bodies rest after Friday and Saturday’s fun. We spent the day naked, just hanging out. Around mid-afternoon, TW and I decided to head upstairs to the bedroom so she could get her spanking. I pulled out a couple of toys, the wooden spatula and the flogger, while TW went to the bathroom. As soon as she got into bed, we began to play around.

I massaged her and then started to use the spatula on her ass. I could tell she was getting aroused as her kisses became more insistent. She re-positioned herself on her back and I used the spatula on her titties, flicking the head of the spatula against her nipples. TW started to moan softly as I worked her titties. I started to play with her a bit while I worked her tits and TW was soon coming on my fingers.  Her pussy was creaming quite nicely and I fed her some of her juices, pushing two of my fingers into her mouth. TW greedily licked them clean, moaning the whole time.

I switched over to the flogger and began to really work TW’s body. By this time, she had mounted me CG style and was slowly fucking herself on my dick. I flogged her ass, and, when she would sit up, her titties as well. TW was in a constant state of arousal. I could feel her pussy get hotter as I flogged her. She soon fell off to the side and I had her lie on her stomach. I proceeded to flog her ass, back and thighs, eliciting screams of pleasure from my sexy honey.

TW said the only thing that would make it better would be a cock in her mouth. I got off the bed and moved over to her side. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and made her suck my cock. I allowed her to play with her cunt as I flogged her. As she sucked, I was flogging her hard with full strokes all over her body. She tried to cover her tits with an arm but I grabbed it and flogged them even harder. TW’s orgasms were very strong at this point. Her fingers were a blur as she got herself off.

I took my cock from her mouth and slapped it across her lips and face. TW moaned loudly and came again. I then had her get on all fours and took her from behind, Doggie style. Her pussy was a sloppy mess and I easily slid into her. As I fucked her, I flogged her ass, back and  tits. She was screaming into her pillow as orgasm after orgasm overwhelmed her. I was building toward coming as she was wiggling her hips. I quickly pulled out and TW thought I was going to come. She got ready to receive my load but I managed to hold out.

I had her get on her back again and her hand quickly went down to her cunt. I slapped her face with my dick again and started to stroke it. TW opened her mouth wide to catch my cum, but I had other ideas. Her titties were squeezed together by her arms. I stroked faster and faster with one hand, flogging her with the other as I watched her cum on her fingers.

All too soon, I released my large, hot, sticky load on her tits. When the first spurt hit her, she screamed and came.  I hadn’t cum in a while and the result was a large puddle of cum pooling between TW’s tits. It was leaking down into her armpit as well. TW shuddered in orgasm one last time. I grabbed a towel and cleaned my sexy honey off.

The past two nights, I’ve ate my baby to sleep, getting her nice and relaxed with my tongue and lips.

Guess what? We’ll be alone again this weekend as well. 😉

3 thoughts on “HOT DAMN! That Was Some Crazy Ass Fun!

  1. Oh Shit,…..
    Thats hot.
    Next weekends a long weekend, I might just have to hop on a plane and come knock on your front door, and see if you’d like some company. Thats just too much fun for just one man to handle……
    I’ll give you a break on the pics this time, but this next weekend…… no excuses…..

    • Well, if you DID show up, you could handle the photography duties, when you’re not fucking TW. Bring your wife too. The more photographers/fuckers, the merrier. 😉

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