The Return Of NEDD Time

Yes, that’s right kids, Naked Every Damn Day is returning for a weekend engagement at the MD household. YS is going away for the weekend to visit friends and TW and I are NOT leaving the house. Naked 24/7 is our right and we’re gonna exercise that right! FUCK YEAH!

TW is already planning some bondage and spanking fun. We’re gonna try to get photos this time and yes, they’ll be plenty of screaming and crying out in orgasm. At least, that’s what we have planned. 😉

The trick will be to pace ourselves and not overdo it. Overdoing it will possibly lead to back ache, leg pain, cramping, etc. Don’t want any of that! We’re gonna have almost 3 full days of fun available to us. Time to play!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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