WHAT? No Pussy For Breakfast?

Not today. However, I did put TW to bed last night with a couple of strong orgasms courtesy of my tongue. She likes when I eat her out right before we nod off. It relaxes her and clears her mind of all the clutter produced during the day.

We had quite the comical experience though. She wore her housecoat to bed, since we haven’t put on the flannel sheets yet and the regular ones were cold. Normally I pre-heat her side of the bed since I’m in bed first. But last night I got delayed. As soon as I got in bed though, TW offered herself up to my willing mouth. Unfortunately, she was under the covers and trying to get into a decent position got difficult. Between her housecoat and my desire to actually breathe beneath the covers, it took us a while to get situated.

Once we were situated though, TW got a thorough licking that put her to sleep almost immediately after we were done. I like doing that for my honey. ๐Ÿ˜€ It puts a smile on both of our faces.


TW and I returned CG back to her university yesterday. It was a great day for a drive and we had no other issues than some traffic here and there. ย TW got to use her new birthday present, a portable, lighter plug in rabbit. Oh that wascally wabbit really worked wonders on TW’s pussy.

We didn’t get the chance to use it until the ride home. No use scarring CG any more than we already do with our PDAs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย As I drove, TW removed her heavy sweatshirt and panties and changed into a short skirt to allow me easy access. Pretty soon my right hand was busy feeling her up and stroking her thighs. She likes when I run just my fingertips across her skin and I was doing plenty of that.

TW then reached down into her purse and got the vibe out. This is the second one I’ve purchased for her. We must have worn the first one out because on our last trip, the damn thing didn’t work! I tried 2 different cars and the thing was deader than my fantasy of fucking my SILs. I must say that thing is wicked powerful. TW was coming in no time as she gently applied the ears to her clit. ย When she let me take over, I rubbed the vibe all over her clit and pussy lips. TW’s legs locked around my hand and the vibe as she orgasmed quite loudly. It was a shame we had the car that doesn’t have the CB in it. Her cries of pleasure would have made many a driver’s night.

Unfortunately, because the vibe IS so powerful, we can’t use it for long periods of time. That’s okay though, I was able to let my fingers do the walking over her clit as well. Oh the tremendous orgasms TW did have on my fingertips. She was wailing and screaming as she came. We had to be careful though. Her back is healing but we definitely have to make sure she doesn’t twist herself too much. It was all good though.

After we got home late last night, I gave her pussy a thorough licking. She came wildly once again, having to use a pillow to quiet her cries of pleasure. We both slept pretty well last night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wake Up Call

TW woke me up with a great BJ, CG and Spoon session today. It finished up with me coming all over her as she sat against the bed.

When she entered the bedroom, I quickly threw off the covers and asked her what took her so long. She responded by stripping down and mounting up in 69. I sucked on her pussy like a man possessed and she came like a she devil. We then changed positions and she fucked herself silly on my cock. I suckled on her titties and nipped on her nipples, making her arch her back and cum. She then rolled off me and we picked up Spoon style.

As I fucked her from behind, I was pulling on her hair and calling her all kinds of names. This ratcheted up her orgasms into high gear. As we fucked and she came, she asked me if I wanted to cum. I enthusiastically replied yes and asked her where she wanted it. She quickly replied her tits so I had her get on the floor next to the bed. She moaned as I started to stroke my cock and quickly took me into her mouth.

I face fucked her and stroked my cock hard and fast and quickly let loose with a massive load that wound up in her hair, on her face and all over her tits. TW was fingering herself as well and she had several strong orgasms while I came on her. She got on her back and continued to strum her clit and orgasm after I had finished cleaning her off with a towel.

It was a great start to the day.