Boobs & Butts

I think I’ve mentioned that TW gives me a wonderful flash of her marvelous tits each and every morning as I pull out of the garage.  Today was not exception as I even got to latch on and suckle a bit before heading off to work. I have mentioned I LOVE THIS WOMAN right?

Anyway, with the weather turning colder in these parts, any hope of getting some nice looks in at work have been disappearing faster than donuts in a meeting. Well, lucky me. Today’s featured boobs are courtesy of G. Nothing overtly sexual, just a nice cleavage baring top. I bet it’s spectacular when she bends over. When I said hi to her this morning, she actually arched her back a little. 😉 My kinda gal!

The butt views are being provided by S, my first fuck crush here at work, and by TT. TT was actually showing off her ass yesterday in a tight pair of business slacks. She also had on a tit hugging top, but, no cleavage. 😦 What the hell is it with women being cold all the time that they have to wear turtlenecks? UNFAIR!

S is wearing a tight pair of jeans. It was all I could do to prevent myself from giving her a well deserved slap on the ass. She has the most delightful curve to her hips. But no,  since I do so like working here, I decided to keep my hands to myself. Good boy Mr MD, good boy! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Boobs & Butts

  1. I LOVE hearing your thoughts!!! Cracks me up to actually know what a man is thinking! LOL I really wish I could hear some of the MDs I work withs thoughts! LOL BTW, I just noticed my name under the “Ladies” lineup! :)) You don’t know how very, very happy that made me! 🙂 Thank you! Even if its just a random line up… it makes me happy to know someone reads my little dittys 🙂 Keep on dreamin! We love it! C&F

  2. I just want to know where the summer went. This year especially, it seems like it was over all too quickly. I don’t know if one exists; but I need a job that sends me to Australia from New Years to Memorial Day. They have some great sights during the summer when we are all bundled up.

    • I know, right? Like you, we had our share of cold, damp, rainy weather. Before you knew it, summer was gone and the dreaded four letter word is returning. S N O W. NNNNNNNNOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  3. I love a nice ass…..
    been missing TW’s..
    But, you’ve got to love a woman that will flash you to start your day.

    Hope all is well,

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