Just Pull Em All Out!

Oh, just one more thing I’m gonna talk to the Great Spirit about when I die: The lousy enamel on my teeth. I’m gonna tell him/her/it that teeth should be maintenance free. It’s always disconcerting to see the dollar signs rolling around my DDS’s eyes.


 I feel like I’m in a cartoon.

I had a cleaning appointment today that ran an hour and a half and resulted in my having to have more work done on my teeth. I HATE MY FUCKING TEETH! That’s what puree is for on the blender right? Just mash everything down and drink it like a shake. I can deal with it! At least the staff and the dentist are friendly and fun. I actually may go more often. Well, I actually DO HAVE TO GO MORE OFTEN. Hence the dollar signs. 😉

Prior to heading off to my appointment, TW and I had a great Spoon session. My morning hardon did not disappoint and TW had several very strong orgasms. The strongest were when I was pulling her hair. Yeah, she likes it rough! Anyway, once she started rocking her hips, I was done for. She wound up swallowing a copious double load. Naturally, she didn’t miss a drop.



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