Down Time

Well, we were lucky enough to get a nice spoon session in right before TW’s period arrived. In fact, I filled her cunt with cum, fucking her hard and fast from behind while pulling her head back with a fist full of hair. Oh yeah, she was feeling it. So was I. 😉

We pick up CG from school on Sunday. She’ll be with us for a week before she has to head back. It’ll be fun having her back in the fold. The house will be noisy again, but that’s okay, we like it that way too. YS has found a job. He doesn’t like it all that much, but then, neither would I. He’s sitting at a desk, in front of a laptop, crunching numbers. He’s bored out of his gourd. Still, he’s making pretty good money for what he’s doing, so his complaints are tempered by $$$$$. He’ll survive.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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