Wake Up Call

TW woke me up with a great BJ, CG and Spoon session today. It finished up with me coming all over her as she sat against the bed.

When she entered the bedroom, I quickly threw off the covers and asked her what took her so long. She responded by stripping down and mounting up in 69. I sucked on her pussy like a man possessed and she came like a she devil. We then changed positions and she fucked herself silly on my cock. I suckled on her titties and nipped on her nipples, making her arch her back and cum. She then rolled off me and we picked up Spoon style.

As I fucked her from behind, I was pulling on her hair and calling her all kinds of names. This ratcheted up her orgasms into high gear. As we fucked and she came, she asked me if I wanted to cum. I enthusiastically replied yes and asked her where she wanted it. She quickly replied her tits so I had her get on the floor next to the bed. She moaned as I started to stroke my cock and quickly took me into her mouth.

I face fucked her and stroked my cock hard and fast and quickly let loose with a massive load that wound up in her hair, on her face and all over her tits. TW was fingering herself as well and she had several strong orgasms while I came on her. She got on her back and continued to strum her clit and orgasm after I had finished cleaning her off with a towel.

It was a great start to the day.

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