TW and I returned CG back to her university yesterday. It was a great day for a drive and we had no other issues than some traffic here and there.  TW got to use her new birthday present, a portable, lighter plug in rabbit. Oh that wascally wabbit really worked wonders on TW’s pussy.

We didn’t get the chance to use it until the ride home. No use scarring CG any more than we already do with our PDAs. 😉  As I drove, TW removed her heavy sweatshirt and panties and changed into a short skirt to allow me easy access. Pretty soon my right hand was busy feeling her up and stroking her thighs. She likes when I run just my fingertips across her skin and I was doing plenty of that.

TW then reached down into her purse and got the vibe out. This is the second one I’ve purchased for her. We must have worn the first one out because on our last trip, the damn thing didn’t work! I tried 2 different cars and the thing was deader than my fantasy of fucking my SILs. I must say that thing is wicked powerful. TW was coming in no time as she gently applied the ears to her clit.  When she let me take over, I rubbed the vibe all over her clit and pussy lips. TW’s legs locked around my hand and the vibe as she orgasmed quite loudly. It was a shame we had the car that doesn’t have the CB in it. Her cries of pleasure would have made many a driver’s night.

Unfortunately, because the vibe IS so powerful, we can’t use it for long periods of time. That’s okay though, I was able to let my fingers do the walking over her clit as well. Oh the tremendous orgasms TW did have on my fingertips. She was wailing and screaming as she came. We had to be careful though. Her back is healing but we definitely have to make sure she doesn’t twist herself too much. It was all good though.

After we got home late last night, I gave her pussy a thorough licking. She came wildly once again, having to use a pillow to quiet her cries of pleasure. We both slept pretty well last night. 😉

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