TW and I would like to wish all of you a very happy, prosperous and sex filled 2012! TW and I will be doing our part by partaking in a bondage and spanking session tonight. Oh, there will be red cheeks! And cum covered titties, just haven’t decided if they’ll be clothed or not. 😉

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay safe tonight, please!

AWESOME Morning Session

Had to take my last vacation day of the year today. Unfortunately, the place I work at doesn’t allow us to roll them over. It’s okay, it was well worth it! TW woke me up with a totally awesome wakeup call.

And by awesome, I mean we fucked ourselves silly. We had some nice, slow Spoon, followed by a rousing CG session and then the GRANDE FINALE, TW riding my face to orgasms so strong, she was left sobbing tears of pleasure. Boy, let me tell you, that girl can really rock her hips. Holy crap, what a way to wake up!

We’re gonna be alone for New Year’s Eve. We have some bondage and spanking planned. And maybe a few photos as well. We’ll play it by ear. However, THERE WILL BE ORGASMS!


Don’t Put Your Pussy Away

That was my request to TW last night as she snuggled up into her spot in bed. In addition to being a loving husband, cool dad, and lousy goalie, I’m the designated bed warmer. I head up to bed early, strip down and lie in TW’s spot until it’s nice and comfy warm on a cold winter’s night. Hey, it saves money on the electric bill. No need for an electric blanket! 😉

Anyway, as she slipped into her nicely warmed spot, I asked her to not put her pussy away. She just got this sly smile on her  face as she awaited my return.

When I got back to bed, she threw off the covers and spread her legs. She was playing with her pussy lips, spreading the outer lips to give me a view of her wet inner pussy. I dove down between her legs and began lapping like there was no tomorrow. I must have been doing a pretty good job; her head was thrown back, her legs locked tightly around my head and her hips were grinding her pussy against my face.

I just focused on the wonderful, sexy job at hand and continued to pleasure her cunt. She had some really strong orgasms and I knew she had finally lost control when she began to use my head as a bongo drum. 🙂  She had to stifle her screams of joy as my tongue worked it’s magic. What a great way to finish the night.

So, How Was Your Holiday Weekend?

TW and I had a non-drama Christmas for a change. There was peace and harmony (for the most part) for all, and nary a whine was heard all weekend. We got in a few nice sex sessions but we’re never really alone to get in that long sought after screaming, spanking, bondage and cum shot session we were hoping for. Our sessions were more of the slow, sensuous, but still orgasmic kind, and it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

How was your’s?