I figured out where TW went when I mentioned Anal sex yesterday.

This morning, while I was fucking her from behind, I noticed an EXIT ONLY tattoo on her ass. 😉

Just kidding, about the tat anyway. We did get in a nice CG and Spoon session this morning. Still no period so we still might get some weekend action in. Getting left home alone sure can be FUN!

2 thoughts on “EXIT ONLY!

  1. lol,
    lets get together… we could compare our wives ass tattoos..
    Mine has the same one. But I keep hoping it’s just one of those temporary ones that will wash off over time.

    • Monica has a tattoo near her ass but it isn’t unrelated to any instructions. Although if it was to be signage it would definitely be the loading dock one that says “Entry in Rear”. If I was into tattoos I wouldn’t be surprised if she wouldn’t run out and get that one.

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