It was hot, orgasmic and very animalistic. VERY animalistic.

TW and I got in a quick session after I got home from work. She arrived home right before I did, and, as I was pulling into the garage, informed me she’d be waiting in bed, naked. It didn’t quite work out that way. I’d call it more of a tie.

TW immediately spread her legs and I dove in; licking and tickling her clit to one orgasm after another. As I ate her, I could feel myself getting hard. Waste not, want not, right? I moved into missionary position and fucked her silly, suckling on her wobbling tits and making her scream in pleasure.

TW then wanted to mount up CG style and before she did, I grabbed the flogger. After she mounted up, I flogged her ass and tits, making her cum like crazy. She was yelling and screaming as I enthusiastically flogged her. I then upped the ante by grabbing a fist full of her hair and yanking her head back while I still flogged her ass and suckled on her tits. Her pussy gushed and my cock and balls were bathed in hot pussy cum. Damn it was fucking hot! Pretty soon though, TW got tired and fell forward, softly sobbing against my neck.

She rolled off me and wanted me to take her Spoon style. I quickly pushed my cock deep into her cunt and fucked her to several more orgasms. She then took a short nap before we headed out for dinner. It was sex just for the sake of sex. It was all about getting release for her pent up frustrations. I’m looking forward to cumming on her face and tits in the near future. Maybe while she’s wearing a sexy shirt. Yeah, that would fucking being great! Great photo op too!

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  1. wow…hot hot hot hot…

    you two are so fucking lucky!!

    (and i mean that in every sense of things…!!)


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