Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays

TW and I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you aren’t Christian. I tend to be more of a Pagan when it comes to the holiday. As an avid reader, I discovered long ago that the Christian Church would usurp any Pagan holiday they could and make it their own. BASTARDS! Any way, have a safe and fun holiday season.

My holiday is off to a wonderful start. P, at work, is wearing a mid-thigh skirt and low cut top today. She really looks fine and when she kissed my bald head, I got the most wonderful view of her titties. Oh to be able to suckle on those babies! I’m pretty sure she does that on purpose, but I’m certainly NOT gonna complain. Other than TW’s titties, P’s will probably be the only ones I get a good view of this weekend. I’m sure the SILs will be strapped in and buckled up high and tight. Probably turtle necks or baggy, heavy sweaters. Well, okay, Y wears those all the time so I’m not expecting anything less from her. The other two have been disappointing lately.

Also adding to my happy state was a quick oral session last night, just before dinner. YUMMY! Hopefully, TW and I will get some alone time over the holiday weekend and I can give her a spanking for Christmas. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.

MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS! Have a great weekend!

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