I Like Dreamin’

TW and I were both too tired to do anything last night but sleep. Hell, she couldn’t muster enough strength to offer up her pussy to my willing mouth. It was okay though, because I believe my mouth was fast asleep anyway. 😉

Today I’m spending my quiet time at work (HA! Like there’s EVER any of that) watching my sexy female co-workers walk by my office. I’m especially sweet on G, from the other department. She’s tall, has dark black hair, a nice shape that would look great in either red or black lingerie. I usually picture her in tight boy shorts or tap pants. She has a very nice ass and lovely B-cup breasts. She’s relatively quiet so I bet she’d be a screamer when she comes. Yes, she definitely would be a great fuck.

Of course, there’s also S. Her outfits are a bit more toward the BDSM side. She would also look great in black or red lingerie although she has pale skin. Since the “incident” so many years ago, I really, Really, REALLY want to tie her up and abuse her tight body. Yeah, ball gag, safe words, and heavy bondage are on the menu for her. I bet she’d take it all and want more. Naturally, I’d give her lots of cum to eat. G would get heavy doses as well. Hell, maybe I’ll bind them together and cum on both of them at the same time!

Then there’s TT and E from the other department on the floor. E is quiet sexy. She’s a mom of two, which makes her hotter than hell in my book. She has very pale skin, as does TT, which just begs for the red, black, or blue lingerie treatment. TT would be one hell of a titty fuck, as she likes to put her girls in push up bras. E, on the other hand, is more silently sexy. She doesn’t flaunt what she has, which makes her more desirable in my head.

Too bad TW doesn’t work here. I could try to get my harem going. 😉

Yes, I like dreaming.