Damn You Old Age!

Well, so much for finishing off Saturday with a sex session. Once again, due to our old age, we were unable to muster any energy to get things done properly. So, we put it off till Monday. Sunday was spent taking CG back to school so we really didn’t have time to get anything in. Monday, however, was another story.

The morning session was quite the little orgasm inducer, even though it was all Spoon. TW’s back was bothering her from the long drive taking  CG back to school, so we just fucked side by side. TW had several strong orgasms and was, remarkably, able to get back to sleep. Me? I never  have had that problem. 😉

Last night, TW got a wonderfully orgasmic pussy licking. After my tongue was done pleasuring her clit, she quickly fell asleep in my arms. Nice finish to a busy weekend. We hope you had fun as well.