Thank You And Back To The Sex

TW and I would like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers regarding CG’s suite mate. It was a tragic end to a very promising life. Unfortunately, she was not in control of the situation that led to her death. CG seems to be coming out of it slowly but surely. Thanks again for your concern.

On a much happier note, TW and I got in a great session last night, that was about a week or so overdue. We’ve been out of our heads busy, both at home and at work, so the release provided last night was welcome.

It started with a text message stating that YS had been called into work and TW and I would be home alone for a few hours. I tried to keep my composure on the ride home, making sure I didn’t rear end anyone or fall prey to any speed traps. I made it home safely, and, as promised, TW was waiting naked for me in the bedroom.

I quickly stripped down and got between her legs and ate her to several strong orgasms. I’m sure my nipple twisting had a lot to do with the intensity of her orgasms, although my lips and tongue were doing their part as well.

After she came down from her last orgasm, I mounted her Missionary style and fucked her silly. I love watching her tits wobble about as I fuck her this way. Soon though, I asked her if she wanted to mount up. She quickly pushed me off, screamed, “YES!” and mounted up CG style.

I could sure use a good spanking. I’ve been a bad, bad girl,” she whispered in my ear.

I easily sank my cock balls deep into her sloppy cunt and let her ride. I immediately began spanking her ass, one cheek at a time, calling her my dirty slut, my hot whore, and other assorted names that made her pussy cream even more. I love it when she gets so hot. I could call in 20 people and she’d fuck them all, men and women, no questions asked. I was also busy suckling on her tits, which really turned up the heat in her cunt.

By the time she was finished CG style, her ass was hot to the touch and a very nice shade of red. We finished off the session with me fucking her from behind Spoon style and sucking her tits as she came down from  her orgasmic high.

It was a great stress reliever for both of us.

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