Well, THAT Certainly Was FUN!

It’s been an interesting 18 hours or so in the MD household. Last night, I arrived home to find TW vacuuming in her underwear. Not too long after that, you could find us fucking ourselves silly in the bedroom. It all ended with a facial for TW.

After following TW’s sexy ass up the stairs, I found her on all fours on the bed.

Oh, someone wants her spanking doesn’t she?

TW just purred and softly said, “Yes

I got the flogger out and proceeded to whip her ass into a nice, bright shade of red. After removing her panties, I easily slid my dick into her wet pussy. TW groaned and pushed herself back toward my cock. I continued to flog her back and ass while pumping her cunt hard and fast.

Soon, I let go of the flogger so I could grab her hips and pump my dick deep into her waiting cunt. I alternated between fast and slow strokes and took some time to add my hand prints on her ass as well. 😉 Oh, did TW love that!

I actually lasted longer than I thought I would but, soon it was time to coat my honey’s face and tits with my cum. She got off the bed and sat back against it. I grabbed her pony tail and jerked my cock. She moaned in frustration as my grip on her pony tail made it impossible for her lips to reach my dick. It was all good though, as my jerking caused me to blow a copious load of cum all over her tits and in her mouth.

TW actually growled with pleasure as my thick, hot cum landed on her. Her fingers were quite busy working her clit and she was able to freely scream out her orgasms. When I came back from getting a towel to clean up, I found TW on the floor, legs spread wide, fingers busy rubbing her clit. She looked very hot and sexy, my cum dripping off her chin and onto her tits. She was moaning and thrashing about as she came on her fingers. I squeezed the last few drops of cum out of my cock and onto her stomach. Her orgasms increased in intensity and when I dove down and sucked on her clit, she just about passed out.

I continued to lick her cunt while she came down from her orgasmic high and cleaned herself off. She sat up and took my cock in her mouth to clean me off and then I helped her get up so we could go eat dinner. When we headed off to bed, I got a quick cunt licking in so TW could sleep better.

This morning we had a nice CG session, TW riding my cock to a few nice orgasms to start the day. Hopefully, her period will hold off for another day or two and we can fuck some more. I’ve got my fingers crossed. 😀

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