Hot Saturday Morning Sex

TW’s not quite done with her period but we had a pretty awesome session this morning. TW’s been pretty horny on this period and it came to a head in bed today. TW came to wake me up by getting naked and mounting me CG style. As we fucked, TW asked me to spank her as she’d been a bad girl. Well, ask and you shall receive.

I proceeded to get her ass nice and red and hot. She came like crazy, howling out her orgasms as they overwhelmed her. She rode for quite a while, coming on my dick, offering her tits to my hungry mouth, taking her spanking like a good (bad) girl. I had replaced my hands with the flogger about halfway through the CG session, taking turns flogging her ass and her tits. Towards the end, TW took my hand and put it on her ass. I took that as a sign to drop the flogger and spank her more properly. That’s exactly what she was looking for.

As soon as my hands hit her ass, TW would wail and moan. When I wasn’t busy suckling her tits, I was busy telling her what a beautiful, hot, horny slut she was. This really set her off and she came wildly and quite loudly. She then asked me to take her from behind, Doggy Style.

Now, usually, I’m only good for about 30-45 seconds of doggie. It’s just a really stimulating position, what with the bobbies flopping back and forth, TW stretched out out like a cat, her ass just begging for a spanking. And then, there’s the hair pulling. Oh joy of joy, the orgasms my sexy honey has when I tug back on her hair. This morning’s session proved my point.

As soon as as I eased into her cunt, TW came. While I pounded her hard and fast, I heard her tits slapping together, which made me just fuck her harder. Oh, and I also took the time to work her ass some more. I was slapping downward and upward on her ass, making her squirm and scream as she came. I then reached for her hair.

TW’s cunt gushed when I grabbed her pony tail. I pulled back and she ground her pussy on my dick. I fucked her hard and fast, calling her a slut and a whore. She just came and came and came. When I made her look at her whorish self in the headboard mirror, TW growled and her orgasm intensity ratcheted up 100% I kept fucking her hard and fast before she finally collapsed on to the bed. I asked her if she was good for the morning and she quietly replied yes.

She checked my dick out and apologized for leaving it a bloody mess. I told her not to worry about it as she threw me a towel to clean up and she went to take a shower. What a nice start to the day! Wonder what tonight has in store?

One thought on “Hot Saturday Morning Sex

  1. *fans face*

    that’s some wicked freaking hot…HAWT….sexy stuff…omg….

    i just should not have read this tonight. so oh so horny…and not meeting my M until tomorrow midday?

    yikes…you guys have put me in a hell-of-a predicament! How will i ever sleep? (wetly, of course!!)



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