This Getting Old Thing Sucks

TW and I have been walking around like the “walkers” in the Walking Dead comic/TV show. I absolutely love anything zombie related. Last night’s season ending episode was well played and contains one of my all time favorite quotes from a character:

“Christ promised a resurrection of the dead. I just thought He had something a little different in mind.” 

Too damn funny! Anyway, TW and I are fighting the battle of fatigue lately. Too damn tired to do anything worth noting here. We will leave our younger readers a word of warning though….

8 thoughts on “This Getting Old Thing Sucks

  1. See,….
    Now you’ve got Nilla and Me that both care……

    Take Care of yourself….
    You’re just starting to catch up with me… It’s not all that bad on this side of 50… LOL
    you just need to learn to pace yourself…

  2. oh, but growing old certainly beats the alternative….right?


    and gods, I’m hornier now than I ever was in my 30’s and 40’s…


    • I don’t know. I’ve always had a death wish. It’s sounds so damn peaceful. Besides, I’ve given up on fulfilling any of my sex fantasies. TW and I just feel too damn old to get anything done anymore. I’m done chasing shit that will never happen for me. Add to that the situation with OS and his fiance, and we’re just about tapped out. Hell, I’ve been thinking of getting on the treadmill and exercising till my heat explodes. Yeah, that would be nice.

      I’ve been horny for so long that I’ve gotten immune to it. Things that used to turn me on just make me sad these days. TW’s rocking right along though. That’s why I tell her she should take a lover, but I think her libido is slowing down as well, especially with all the family drama going on.

      • *frowny face*

        Gosh, that makes me sad…I hope you can shake out the kinks, so to speak…are you taking vitamins? Drinking enough water?

        It is so amazingly easy to get into a rut. Add family drama…and it is no wonder at all that you guys are in a down spiral. Can you take a step away from the drama (wondering if it is something that your son/fiance need to work out without you guys getting pulled into it…after all, if he is still marrying her despite the drama…??)

        Anyway, this is nilla being fairly intrusive.

        It just hurts when someone i “know” would prefer death to living…every moment can be so precious. Really.

        There is beauty and joy everywhere. And I know i am all pollyanna about it. But…if it helps, at all?

        send me an email. We can “talk”…i am NOT a therapist. Just a woman, who cares.



          • Thanks Mr. MD….

            i don’t want to be preachy or miss golden sunshine…and now i understand better. Thanks for the link to your other blog…and thank you for taking my comment(s) as intended…as a hand in caring.


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