Sex And Other Fun Things To Do On The Weekend

TW and I had some very nice sessions this weekend. I was on the receiving end of a wonderful blow job the other morning, which naturally led to some CG and some Spoon and finished up with a great 69 in which TW and I both blew our loads. 😀

The weekend finished up with me between TW’s legs making her cum on my face. HEAVEN!

The family is once again complete as CG has been retrieved from school.

Speaking of retrieving CG, TW was able to flash one truck driver over the 6 hour trip. O N E! What the hell is the matter with you drivers? We had to pass close to 100 trucks on the drive and only one driver bothered to look. The one driver who did see the twins was very appreciative, giving TW a double thumbs up. You’re welcome. 😉

Met up with my brother and his wife to celebrate his birthday.

Finished editing and then published the old blog. Check out the main page and look for the Old Blog ’03-’07 page. It was quite embarrassing to read and it’s definitely not quite OFMS. Still, it’s part of the journey, and YES, I know, I’m quite the ASSHOLE. That’s what the Dear Diary blog is about. 😉