Lickity Split, Lickity Slit

Finished off the day yesterday with a very nice, slow, but orgasmic oral session on my honey. Fresh off having fixed the clothes dryer,  TW and I retired to bed a bit earlier than usual. She got a nice rubdown and had actually fallen asleep when I hit the remote to shut the TV off. It started her enough so that she lazily moved her pussy up to my face to a quick lick.

I gave her that and much more. Although both of us were pretty much half asleep, TW managed to have several strong orgasms before falling asleep in my arms. I followed her to dreamland soon after and next thing we knew, the alarm was going off this morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a session in this morning so it’ll have to wait until after my turn in goal tonight. My men’s league starts up again tonight. We’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty sure I’ll be unable to move tomorrow morning. 😉 At least my tongue will still work if TW needs it. 😀

Oh, and before I forget.

Someone I know is overdue for a spanking…..

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