Whoops, I Did It Again

Made my baby cry, that is. They most definitely were tears of happiness as she had quite the emotional release this morning. TW had some crazy intense orgasms.

It started off slowly enough with TW grabbing my flaccid cock and stroking it to full length. I easily slipped into her hot cunt and fucked her forcefully from behind Spoon style. She had several strong orgasms before presenting her pussy for a thorough licking. As she came on my tongue, she started to switch positions. I thought she was going to mount up CG style, but instead she maneuvered into 69. 🙂

As I ate my baby, she was busy driving my cock deep into her throat. I upped the ante a bit and inserted a thumb in her pussy. The reaction was immediate as TW bit on my dick and came on my face and thumb. When I added some slaps to her ass, well, that was it for her. Her legs locked around my head and she had my cock, balls deep, in her mouth. I could hear her gagging as her orgasms overwhelmed her. Amazingly, I didn’t have the need to cum, so I was able to concentrate on just feeling her lips and tongue work my cock.

All too soon, TW rolled off me and lay sobbing on the bed. I guess she really needed some big time release.

Well, she got it. 😀

One thought on “Whoops, I Did It Again

  1. Lovely! (okay, some jealousy here, really!)

    and what a lovely release (and a hellya! way to get there!)


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