HEY! Down Here Asshole!

Once again, OTR drivers managed to disappoint us. We had to run CG back to school this weekend and not one, repeat, NOT ONE driver looked down and to the left. We had to have passed well over 100 trucks during the trip. They were all too busy with their phones, I-pads and computers to notice TW’s nicely displayed titties. In fact, TW got so disappointed that she actually turned to face me instead of the drivers. Guess that’ll be the end of road flashing. 😦 Just another nail in the coffin that is my fantasy life. Can’t say I blame her though. She really pics out some nice outfits to show off in. We wind up running late getting out of the house sometimes because she can’t decide what clothes to take or wear out for the trip. Oh well, their loss really. She did take a nice self portrait in the mirror. I’ll post that later on today or maybe tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget, one lucky car driver got to see her panties. We had stopped at a rest area and she was facing the driver’s side with her legs spread. I had left the door open because I was getting something from the back. The guy next to us backed out slowly and TW is sure he was busy looking at her panties. Lucky bastard!

This morning, TW got a very nice tongue lashing. It left her so horny that when I got out of the shower, I found her spread out on the bed, fingering her pussy. I rolled her on to her side and spanked her ass, pushing her over the edge and down into a very vocal, very strong orgasm. It also put her to sleep for some extra rest. 😀

EDIT:  And here she is, in all her self portrait glory!!!!!!



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