He is risen INDEED!

Not only Jesus rose from the dead today. Mr. Happy was at full mast and busy plowing the fields of TW’s pussy. She had some crazy ass powerful orgasms this morning. Second day in a row that we got busy in the morning. Yesterday, we had a Spoon, CG and oral session that led to TW getting back to sleep for about 3 hours or so. 🙂

This morning we had another Spoon and CG session before TW headed off to the shower. After coming back to bed, after her shower, she offered up some pussy for breakfast. YUM! We then headed off to TW’s mom’s for dinner. Got some nice DB shots but nothing too spectacular. Dinner was delicious though, so it made up for it. I don’t expect all that much anymore so I’m not disappointed.

TW and I hope you had a great weekend. We sure did! 😀