Hotel Sex And A Roadgasm

Hidee Ho Everyone,

TW and I had a short road trip to see CG play her final regular season game this past weekend. The team did really well, finishing the regular season undefeated, and will be the top seed in their conference tourney in two weeks, then, it’s on to the club playoffs, if the ladies decide to go. There’s a LARGE entrance fee and it’s during finals week so I’m willing to bet they don’t go. It’s okay though, they’ve had a great season so far.

TW came off her period over the weekend and we enjoyed a very orgasmic Sunday morning HHMS session. TW came several different ways and did her best NOT to alert the neighbors we were having wild hot sex. She did let out a couple of wails though, so it was all good. 😉

On the ride home, TW was once again dressed up for the drivers. She changed in the car and was wearing a short skirt, tube top and tiger stripe panties. Too bad no one saw it, as usual. Oh well, don’t know how much more we’re really gonna try. We’ve tried flashing our brights, tooting the horn, riding next to them for extended periods, and we get nothing. At least I got lots of feels and flashes, which, naturally, led to TW getting a roadgasm or two as I fingered her clit.

Put her right to sleep. 😉

EDIT: Damn it! I AM getting old. Forgot one of the better parts of the weekend. Pussy for breakfast this morning! Right  on the kitchen table! It was so damn tasty! YUM!

EDIT II: Double damn it! I ALSO forgot the finger play I got in as well, after having pussy for breakfast. Fuck! I’m getting old!