Hello Dear Readers,

TW and I say hi from sunny,   rainy, warm, cool, quiet, vacation land! So far, the sex has been AWESOME. The beach weather? Not so much. Not gonna complain though, the sex is FUCKING AWESOME! I did mention that the sex was FANTASTICALLY FUCKING AWESOME, right? Well, it is!

We’re hoping the weather clears enough for us to get some flashing pics on the beach. If not, the sex is certainly SPECTACULARY FUCKING AWESOME!

Hope all is well on your end. Talk with you soon!

2 thoughts on “HELLO!

  1. See? It wasn’t old age that was slowing ya’ll down…you were just tired of the mundane and wicked needed a break.

    Fucking awesome sex sounds like a nice vacation to me!

    I wonder why Travelocity doesn’t use that in their ads?



  2. Sounds like vacation is all you expected it to be….. lol.

    Can’t wait to see the vacation slide show…

    Enjoy your time with TW

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