A Little Of This, A Bit Of That

HAPPY BELATED MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there. Hope you had a wonderful day! TW did, getting her brain scrambled and her body ravished in a Sunday morning sex session, before we headed over to her sister’s for brunch. Speaking of her sister Z, what a lovely view I had of her awesome titties. And when I say awesome, I mean AWESOME!

Most of her breasts were on display. The top she was wearing pushed her titties up and out and the view was spectacular to say the least. TW often tells me that she does it for me. I don’t know about that, but I do have to admit, I LOVE the view I get when she does put her girls on display. It took a shitload of will power not to motorboat her titties. All three of my SILs have magnificent breasts. Only X and Z show them off regularly. Y, well, we’ve been over that before.

Last night TW and I had an incredibly awesome sex session. TW got her long overdue spanking/flogging. I got to eat her pussy again. We fucked CG style and finished off with a hot 69 session that left TW’s ass hot and red and my cock covered in TW’s saliva. All before dinner! I had her clean master’s cock before we headed down to eat. She was very eager to please me and licked her juices off my throbbing dick. There was lots of loud moaning and screaming as well, along with some very hot dirty sex talk as we fucked and sucked our brains out.

We finished off the night with my face buried between her thighs as I ate her to one orgasm after another right before we both fell asleep.

Man, life is good right now, VERY good!

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