And Now, A Moment Of Silence Please…

As I mourn the passing of one of my favorite fuck crushes.

E is leaving our happy little company at the end of  June. I’m going to miss her. She has a quiet beauty about her. She doesn’t show off in flashy or tight fitting clothes but, I have to tell you, I would really love to take her in her office. She wears these silk blouses that just do something for me. I do get the occasional DB shot as well. Alas, no longer will I be able to imagine her spread out on her desk while I ravage her body and cover it in cum. Sigh.

My only hope is that they rehire someone who left a few years ago, BB. BB stands for Bubble Butt and the lady definitely has a fine one. I don’t think it’ll happen but I can always hope, right? Only time will tell.