Our Good Friend, Biggus Dickus, Pays A Visit

That’s what I call our 9.5″  Shawn Michaels dildo, Biggus Dickus (bonus points if you know where that name is from) He paid TW and I a visit last night and it was quite spectacular. A little theater of the mind didn’t hurt either.

After getting home from work and eating dinner, TW and I headed upstairs to the bedroom. Yep, left home alone again. Poor us. 😉 TW stripped down quickly but I left my clothes on.

Hey, no fair!” She exclaimed.

I told her to be quiet and get on the bed. TW meekly complied and I pulled out a blindfold.

Here, put this on.” I commanded.

TW put the blindfold on and I had her lie at the edge of the bed. I proceeded to kiss her tits and belly, working my way down to her pussy. She spread her legs a bit to allow me easier access to her cunt. I didn’t spend too much time there though, as I had other plans for her.

I told her to get up on all fours. TW quickly complied while I worked on stuffing Biggus Dickus through my fly. I think she knew what was coming, especially since Mr. Dickus is cold to the touch. Well, he warms up pretty quickly in TW’s steaming pussy, but he starts off cold. I rubbed the monster across her slit and TW moaned. I adjusted my zipper so the ball sack stayed in my pants and the shaft was sticking out.

After getting the head nice and slick, I began to work Mr. Dickus into TW’s hot, slick cunt. Soon, Mr. Dickus was working his magic, making TW scream out loud as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I slapped TW’s ass and tugged on her pony tail, making her wail and moan, while I drove that big dick into her cunt. I felt so powerful as I pummeled her. My cock was hard as well, but tucked well down in my pants. The suction cup end of the dildo was pressing into my cock and sending thrills up and down my spine.

TW, for her part was trying to hold on as best as she could. Her orgasms were coming fast and furious as she tried to stay on her hands and knees. When I began to slap her sexy ass, she had a difficult time staying put. Pretty soon her arms and legs gave out and she fell on her back. I reached up, grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I rubbed Mr. Dickus along her slit and TW moaned loudly. I easily slid into her drenched pussy and fucked her Missionary style, driving that big dick deep into her body. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she silently screamed as a very powerful orgasm wracked her body.

I took that opportunity to suckle on her tits and TW’s orgasms went into overdrive. It was nice fucking her hard and fast and not having to worry about cumming in her sweet cunt. TW’s tits wobbled around as I pumped her hard and fast. For the finale, I drove that cock deep into my honey’s cunt and held it there. TW was rocking and rolling on the bed as orgasm after orgasm overwhelmed her. I finally pulled Biggus Dickus out of her well used pussy and replaced it with my own cock.

As soon as the head hit her pussy lips, TW came again. I fucked her as best I could and suckled her tits again. TW, still blindfolded, violently orgasmed as I bit and licked her nipples. Trying not to kill her, I gave up on my relentless fucking of her cunt and began to lick my way down to eat her out. The first touch of my tongue on her clit elicited a deep, guttural moan. The orgasms came immediately afterward.

We decided that it was probably best we stop at that point, since we didn’t want TW paralyzed. 😉  However, when I got out of bed to wash Mr. Biggus Dickus off, TW was playing with her pussy. Her eyes were closed (the blindfold having been removed) and she was lazily playing with her pussy lips.

Master requires your help in cleaning his cock,” I told her.

TW immediately took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to lick it clean. She was still playing with her pussy, so I figured Mr. Biggus Dickus would like another shot at her. I easily slid the dildo in her cunt and TW came, screaming around my cock, legs thrust up in the air and spread. I pumped her cunt and then, after removing the dildo, slapped her clit with the fake cock.

TW’s legs wrapped around the dildo and she ground her pussy lips against it. She was mumbling incoherently around my cock and balls as I slapped her cunt with the dildo. I was alternating slapping her clit and fucking her with the fake cock. She had quite a few intense orgasms before I finally relented and pulled Mr. Dickus away from her. I left her spread out on the bed, panting and gasping for air.

Needless to say, she slept like a baby last night.

Guess what?

We’re gonna be home alone again tonight! I just hope TW can survive. 😀

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  1. oh. how. totally freaking hot. Its totally super intensely hawt. Wow. Wow.

    i’m so jealous!

    you lucky peeps!


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