ATTENTION – ATTENTION – ATTENTION Important Message To Follow…..

Hello Everyone,

You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here. Well, here it is.

The blog is going on temporary, possibly permanent, hiatus, or, as I like to call it, Vacation! I’m tired of writing, it’s all getting so repetitive and boring. No one, outside of the usual crew, comments and to be quite honest, I’m tired of it all. In addition to all that, we’re pretty damn busy this summer, quite surprisingly so.

I just don’t have the time anymore.

So, if we go dark for a while and there are no posts, don’t panic. It’s just VACATION! Go outside, get some fresh air, maybe take a dip in a mountain lake or pool, visit relatives, piss some people off, try something new and continue on with your life.

I’ll let all 250 or so regular readers if I’m closing down for good.

Till next time, keep this in mind….

If this is goodbye, TW and I wish you all the best. Be safe, have fun and be good to one another.

7 thoughts on “ATTENTION – ATTENTION – ATTENTION Important Message To Follow…..

  1. Going to miss you guys! Sorry I’ve not responded much…summer is home renovation time and I’m the worker bee…I read when I can and comment the same…but if you guys disappear…you’ll be missed. Hope you get up to all sorts of sexploits during your vacation…



  2. I know what you mean, hombre. Could be worse, you could get no comments (like me, heh). I try to think of blogging as writing a journal. I’m not really doing it for anyone but myself. I put it out there as a reminder of good sex sessions. Then I look back months later and sometimes I don’t remember that instance at all.

  3. I understand having peepers always watching and never engaging is frustrating and I apologize for being one of those folks. Sorry! Enjoy, recharge, spank TW

  4. I could use a vacation myself….
    just make sure to let me know when you’re back, so we can get together and do a little slide show of our vacation pictures… lol.

    Oh, I’ll check in all the time…dont worry.

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