Assume The Position….

Dingo: You must spank her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like… and then… spank me.

All: And me. And me too. And me.

Dingo: Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking.

Dingo: And after the spanking, the oral sex.

Bonus point to those of you who recognize the above quotes.

TW has come off her period hot and horny. VERY HOT AND VERY HORNY. As we watched TV last night, she must have been online reading about spanking. She was telling me about using brake hoses to spank her. She seemed quite interested in it so it looks like I need to hit the local Pep Boys or Advance Auto Parts for brake hoses. Two feet is supposed to do the trick. Before we headed off to bed, she requested a good old fashioned spanking. It has been a while since she got a good thrashing so I told her I was all for it. She beat me to the bedroom and when I got there, she has assumed the position over a table we have in the bedroom.

I walked over to the headboard and took out three “tools” to use on her bottom: the flogger, a two sided paddle and an old belt. TW squealed in happiness when I approached her with the toys. I rubbed her panty clad bottom with the double sided paddle and she moaned.

We were home alone so I wasn’t afraid of her screaming out. We both figured it was late enough in the night that none of the neighbors were out either, so I was free to use her ass as I pleased. The lady was well used by the time we hit the bed.

I began to spank her with the paddle. With each SMACK, my sexy lover moaned loudly. When I began to liberally sprinkle her ass with thwacks, her voice started to crack. I know she likes it, so I switched over to the belt. It leaves the most interesting pattern on her skin when I use it. It does hurt more than the usual toys, so I don’t spank her as long as when I use the flogger or paddle. I went back to the paddle for a bit, using the soft side to rub her ass. It was then time for the flogger and her ass and back got a nice red hue to them.

She was grinding her hips so I figured I’d check things out in her panties. Just as I suspected, the bitch was soaking wet. I withdrew my hand and positioned my cock so she could suck on it as I continued to spank her. After a few more hearty strokes, I dropped the paddle and rubbed her dripping cunt through her panties. This set her off like you would not believe and it wasn’t too soon before she was screaming out her orgasms. I like to tease her this way, it really drives her insane with lust.

After manually stimulating her, I pulled her panties between her ass cheeks and used the flogger and paddle to get her ass a nice, deep cherry red. She was moaning and coming so much she couldn’t suck my cock anymore. That’s okay, there would be enough time for that.

I moved behind my honey and ripped her panties off. She squealed in mock terror as I positioned my cock and thrust deeply into her cunt. Her orgasms were loud and spirited. As I fucked her hard from behind, I used the flogger on her back, tits and ass. She was grinding against me and I was furiously pumping my dick into her sloppy pussy. I dropped the flogger and used my hands to leave hand-prints on her ass cheeks and hips. TW was going through a series of intense waves as she orgasmed.

She kept shifting her feet, so I grabbed her legs and pulled her up around my waist. That was much better as I had a better angle to pump her pussy. I reached up and grabbed a fistful or two of hair and pulled back. TW screamed as an intense orgasm overwhelmed her. I was surprised to be lasting as long as I was. I mean, just the sight of her bent over earlier, awaiting her spanking, already had my cock on the rise. I released her hair and her head fell forward to the table top. She was sobbing as she came down from her orgasmic high.

When she finally stood up, she turned to me and ordered me to the floor. I must have had a weird expression on my face because she quickly asked me, pretty please, to lie on the floor so she could fuck me CG style. After telling her that was better, I quickly assumed the position and TW, and her well lubed pussy, easily slid down upon my cock.

TW fucked me silly for the next five minutes or so, easily sliding up and down my cock while I flogged her tits. She screamed out one last violent orgasm before falling off me. While we lay there, I asked her if she’d like me to use her mouth and cum on her face and tits. This quickly rejuvenated my love and, as I went to get a cleanup towel, TW leaned back against the cedar chest at the foot of our bed.

I approached her and spread my legs around her head and fed her my dick. TW worked my cock with her lips and tongue and hands, even cupping and squeezing my balls now and then. It felt good to have the time to let her work her magic on my cock and balls. Usually we’re rushed to finish up, but I let her take the lead and she lovingly worshiped my cock.

I let her give me a tongue bath for a few minutes before I began to thrust deeper into her mouth. She gagged a couple of times but worked me to the point I was going to cum. Instead of letting her finish me with her mouth, I requested she jerk me off instead. When we were first dating, she would jerk me off instead of sucking me off. We haven’t done that in forever!

TW grabbed my cock and talked dirty to me, telling me how much she loved sucking my dick and wearing my cum. I let her set the pace, just asking that she apply a little more pressure to my dick. While her one hand jerked on my cock, her other hand was busy pulling and tugging on my nut sack. It was too much for me, and, as she opened her mouth wide, I sprayed her face and tits with my load. TW squealed as each spurt hit her skin. She continued to jerk me and aim my cock where she wanted the cum to fall. It was a very intense orgasm for me. In fact, I had a double.

She lost track of pulling on my cock and I told her to continue to jerk me. When she squeezed my shaft, I felt another orgasm approach and I dumped a second load, mostly on her tits. It wasn’t much, but it made my balls tingle a little bit.

After cleaning up, we were both asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

We haven’t had a session like that in a long time. It was nice to bring back some of the stuff we used to do before we had full on sex. Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.