You Knew This Was Coming, Right?


That’s one of my favorite goofy signs of all time. Reminds me of OFMS and now, this blog. Hopefully you won’t be too sorry you wandered here.

Yea, I’ve got the itch to write again. Probably won’t be as regular as OFMS, but it should still be interesting to see how our relationship progresses through our fifties. Lots of things going on right now, we’re gonna be Grandparents, TW’s working regularly now which makes her very tired by the time I get home, travel to and from work still sucks, the other two kids (YS and CG) are still going strong, TW and I both turned 50. In short, life goes on.

Welcome to our new home. We hope you enjoy your visit.

7 thoughts on “You Knew This Was Coming, Right?

  1. Happy birthday to you both! I always wondered if you guys we’re going to change your name or keep it the same (like 20th century Fox). Glad to see that that you decided to keep going.

    • The name change was kind of unintentional. I figured since I pretty much closed Over Forty Married Sex, I might as well go forward with Over 50. Why the hell not, right? I promise NOT to do that when we hit 60. P R O M I S E. Pinky swear!

  2. I’m glad to see you here.
    Welcome to my side of 50….
    How did I miss TW’s BDay??… My wife just turned 50 also… It’s not all bad.

  3. welcome to the 50’s…I’m finding it to be a pretty marvelous time myself!

    And…so freaking happy that you are back to blogging! Woot!


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