So, Just What The Hell Were You Two Doing While You Were Gone?

Excellent question, I’m glad I asked it! ­čśŤ

What have we been doing? Well, we’re still having sex on a regular basis. The hot and steam sessions have slowed down a bit, but rest assured, TW’s still coming on my face and cock. This past weekend, TW got her belated birthday spanking, all 50 swats of it. I was amazed she was able to keep track of each and every swat, even when I tried to trick her by increasing the tempo. Damn, did her pussy get soaked! I’ve still got it!

We’ve also entered a new phase of our sex lives, as it appears TW is going through the dreaded “change.” It’s been almost six weeks since her last period. She’s freaking out that she’s pregnant. I keep telling her there is no way in heaven or hell that she’s pregnant. I would have had to cum inside of her and I am very careful, let me repeat that, I AM VERY CAREFUL,┬ánot to do that. Besides, having a honey that LOVES to swallow and/or wear my cum, I have no need to fill her pussy with my cream. ┬áMakes for some excellent photo ops when she wears it. About two weeks ago, right on schedule I might add, she got all the symptoms of getting her period: headache, bloating, aches and pains, but Aunt Flo never showed up. We haven’t confirmed anything with a home pregnancy test but, if she is pregnant, get your affairs in order because it’s the second coming of Jesus, or, perhaps, the Anti-Christ. Either way, get your shit together.

Other than that, it’s been life as usual. CG came home for a quick weekend birthday party a few weekends ago. Unfortunately, the SILs were wrapped up tightly, as usual. Hell, they didn’t even wear tight clothing! Sigh. TW’s been kicking ass at her new part time gig. She really likes the company she’s working for and all the people are really nice. They celebrated her birthday early last week, decorating her cubical with balloons and banners. It’s nice to work for a place that appreciates you. That’s why I like my job as well. They like me, they really, really, really like me. In addition, the money she’s bringing in is easing the pressure on me. YAY!

Oh shit, the biggest news of all, we’re gonna be Grand Parents! WOO HOO! Won’t be till next year some time but we’re both looking forward to it. We’ve both reached the age (50) where it won’t freak us out to be GPs and yet young enough to enjoy it. We don’t care what it is as long as it’s healthy. I can hardly wait to start reading to him or her. We have tons of Dr. Seuess books. WOOT! ┬áNot to mention the LEGO towers and building block building we’ll get to build and destroy.




2 thoughts on “So, Just What The Hell Were You Two Doing While You Were Gone?

  1. It’s still a ways off for us; but I am NOT looking forward to being a grandparent. I know that it was twenty some years ago; but it doesn’t seem like that long ago OUR kids were babies.

    We still use our trusty diaphragm since even though the chance of pregnancy is very small, it makes a late period less stressful. We know the physiology and accompanying mathematics, but it still gives us piece of mind.

    • We had our kids young enough so we’re ready for it. I’d rather have them early so it’s not as painful to play with them. We’re pretty darn happy for them, and for us.

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