Ah, That's Better

Last night’s, “Eat me till I cum and fall asleep,” session turned into a “fuck her from behind and then fill her mouth with my cum” session.

After getting TW’s pussy nice and slippery with my tongue and lips, my cock took a turn pummeling her from behind. I didn’t last too long but that was okay, I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue to fill her mouth with my load. Like the trooper she is, she swallowed it all.

We sure did sleep better last night.



Forgot to mention, when we went out to dinner on Sunday, I asked TW if she realized she had moved on to another stage of her life.

She game me a puzzled look.

I told her she now had moved on to being a GILF, Grandmother I‘d Like to Fuck.

She let out a laugh and just smiled her devilish little smile and continued to eat.

I have mentioned I LOVE THIS WOMAN, right?

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    • Baby is due sometime in May and I’m sure they’ll find out eventually. Hopefully, they’ll decide to keep it a secret but I don’t know with this generation and it’s need to know right now mentality

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