Some Guys Just Want To Get The Fuck Away From Their Wives….

I’m more than happy to get away to FUCK my wife.

Unfortunately, there was someone else at the office today, so, no office fucking for us today.

I’ve been working on an email issue at work and had a total brain fart this morning working on it from home. I wound up shutting the email server down, sooooooo, off to work I had to go. I asked TW if she wanted to go with me and she quickly told me yes.

Unfortunately, someone else was in the office working. Unexpected, but not unusual, especially on a crappy day like today. So, no office sex for us today. Not even a peek at TW’s excellent rack. It’s okay though, we got some in this morning before I had to head out on some errands.

It’s all good.

3 thoughts on “Some Guys Just Want To Get The Fuck Away From Their Wives….

  1. Didn’t they have anything better to do on a Saturday than work? Seriously, they probably didn’t want to be there anymore than you wanted them to; but they probably had a crisis of their own to take care of. We’ve got security cameras everywhere so adventures at work aren’t anything we ever even think about.

    • Actually, the person in the office probably DIDN’T have anything better to do than work. The weather around here on Saturday sucked so outside activities were pretty much out of the question. Still, it was nice to imagine taking TW on my desk.

      We’re actually pretty fortunate here, only cameras are the ones in the elevator lobby. The office itself is camera free. Plus, there are lockable doors on both my office and the computer room so it would have been good. 😉

  2. Frustrating! Emma and I worked for years in the same school. I saw her fifty times a day but there was always someone else around. Only managed a quick grope now and again.

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